Date Composed


Ulterior Motives for string trio, 2:00, 2020
Untitled II for piano 4-hands, or pianist and pianist/dancer, 8:00, 2020
Mutatis Mutandis for alto saxophone and vibraphone, 8:00, 2020


Untitled I for flute/bass flute, violin, percussion and piano, 10:00, 2019
Overboard for horn, violin, cello and piano, 10:00, 2019
13 for 3 Through 5 for alto saxophone, glockenspiel, cymbals and triangle, 6:00, 2019
Contents Under Pressure for oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, and bassoon, 6:00, 2019
Orchids Grow Here fanfare for orchestra, 4:00, 2019


What’s It Worth to You? for flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, violin, cello, glockenspiel, and piano, 8:00, 2018


Orchids Grow Here for 5 saxophones, 5 trumpets, 4 horns, 4 trombones, timpani, mixed percussion, double bass and piano, 4:00, 2017
Stay In Your Lane for flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, violin, cello, vibraphone, and piano, 11:00, 2017
Hair Band for double bass and piano, 2017


Entwined for clarinet and saxophone, 10:00, 2016
Bystander for cello solo, 8:00, 2016


Setting Century  in three movements for orchestra, 15:00, 2003, rev. 2015
Mirror Etudes for piano, 6:00 2015


R.I.P.T. for speaking saxophonist and speaking percussionist, 12:30, 2014
Heroic Measures for clarinet, violin and piano, 9:00, 2014


Fission for wind band, 9:00
1000 Swimmers in the Canals for 2 electric guitars, keyboard, and live processing
I Feel Fine for classical guitar, 10:00


Mechanisms for flute ensemble, 8:00
Big Fun for baritone saxophone and piano, 6:00
Cascade for saxophone ensemble, 6:00


Echoi for French horn solo, 1:00
Sound | Water for cello and soundfile


The Road to Damascus for string quartet, 10:00
You Shall Not Go Down for men’s chorus, 4:00
Prothalamia: A Celebration of Marriage for All for men’s chorus and organ, 30:00
The Wall Calls to Me for soundfile (mp3) and 8 channels, for visual art installation by Sally Johnson, 10:00 running continuously
Fantasia for Karen Alone for violin and soundfile


Multiverses for marimba quartet, 8:00
Urban Myths for youth orchestra in three movements: The Babysitter, Roswell, and The Hook, 12:00


Sursum Corda for a capella mixed choir, 4:00
Incarnation for a capella women’s choir, 2:30
The Pillow Book for mezzo soprano, alto saxophone, violin, cello and piano, 14:00


Bathtime for soundfile (stereo), 1:00
Nine Churches for guitar quartet and chamber orchestra, 9:30


three small gestures for violin and guitar, 7:30
Tapping the Furnace for percussion solo, 16:30
Is this then a touch? for baritone and piano, 5:00
Italian Dreams for soundfile (mp3), for video installation by Carrie Mae Weems, 8:00


centro for violin and piano, 7:30
Monumenti for violin and cello, 8:00
Lost in Translation for soprano saxophone/piano, 6:00
Swell for organ, 6:00
Seconds for soundfile (5.0 surround, stereo versions), 1:00


Needlepoint for guitar solo for Paul Bowman, 7:30
Time Management for double bass solo for Robert Black, 12:00
The Steinway Preludes for piano, 15:00
Tonal Music for cell phone ensemble, 10:00


Taut for guitar quartet, 6:00
Setting Century in three movements for orchestra, 15:00


Drift for saxophone quartet, 6:00
Jerusalem Windows for violin, cello and piano, 10:00


Louise: the Story of a Magdalen, libretto by Sally M.  Gall opera, chamber orchestra. 90:00
Of the Father’s Love Begotten anthem for SATB choir and organ, 3:00
Psalm 121 for a capella mixed choir, 4:30 


Setting Century for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano, 15:00
Pandora’s Box, lyrics by Dorothy Hindman, for elementary school choir and piano, 20:00
With Sighs Too Deep for Words for cello and orchestra, 25:00
Magic City for orchestra, 10:00


Trembling for solo flute for Donald E. Ashworth, Jr, 8:00
Incarnation for a capella mixed choir, 2:30
Resurrection for a capella mixed choir, 2:30


fin de cycle for piano and tape, 9:00
Three Songs of Reminiscence for tenor and piano, 12:00


Echo for solo horn, 7:30
I Have Heard… a capella arrangement of Mvt. II of Songs of Myself, 5:00


Song Cycle for soprano and four-hand piano, in conjunction with Charles Norman Mason, 30:00
“drowningXnumbers” for amplified solo cello, 9:00


From Censer Smoke… for soprano, flute, violin, guitar and marimba, 6:00
Songs of Myself for chorus and orchestra, 30:00


Chemistry for chamber orchestra, 10:30
Beyond the Cloud of Unknowing for solo marimba, 9:00 


Fury’s Chalice for wind octet, 9:00
Slow Dance for clarinet, marimba and piano, 7:00
Forward Looking Back solo piano suite, 15:00


Soliloquy for clarinet, 8:00


Songs of the First Year for mezzo-soprano, clarinet, viola, cello, celesta and piano, original texts, 15:00


Electronic score and effects for the Carbonell award-winning play PAPA, premiering Oct. 1987, Colony Theatre, Miami.  Reworked for run in Key West, April 1990, Jan McArt’s Cabaret Theatre.