Mutatis Mutandis

Mutatis Mutandis

Alto Saxophone

Duration: 8:00

Program Notes:

mutatis mutandis(adverb): used when comparing two or more things to say that although changes will be necessary in order to take account of different situations, the basic point remains the same: This complex pattern has been repeated, mutatis mutandis, all over the country.” ~

The pink Pussy Hat is the iconic image of the Me, Too movement, introduced at the Women’s March on Washington, D.C. protesting misogyny, sexual objectification and assault, and gender-based discrimination shortly after Donald Trump’s 2017 inauguration. However, the Project’s intention to be a collective visual statement was quickly criticized by women of color and non-cisgender women, who pointed out that the color pink was not representative of their own physical traits, and reinforced the same marginalization that Me, Too was intended to overcome.  Since that time, the Pussy Hat has become more inclusive. From a plethora of choices, I collected eight images of the hat in various colors, including Rainbow and Red White and Blue. In Photoshop, I overlaid the images along with a graphic of the phrase Me, Too to create nine additional images.  Using Photosounder, I transformed each image into pitch material, distinct enough to delineate each formal section in the work, yet similar enough to create a unified musical statement.

mutatis mutandis was written in 2020 for Bent Frequency Duo.