Untitled I

Untitled I

Flute/Bass Flute
Duration: 9 minutes

Can we erase the past? Can we atone for our mistakes? Can we see ourselves as others see us? How do we reconcile who we were with who we are, and what we’ve learned? How do we move forward, confronted with the past in our present? Shadow of My Former Self is a collection of works exploring these questions; Untitled I (2019) is the first work in the series.

In Untitled I, I digitally processed and transformed a recording of one of my past works using spectral manipulation, and reverb to imply distance. I then superposed the original recording onto the processed recording in 180o phase, attempting to "erase" the original piece, or the memory of that which I once was. Lastly, I transcribed the leftover ephemera/remnants to create a new piece from the ashes, a musical shadow of the troubled past that defines me, and that I carry with me in the present, that others do not see.

Untitled I was written for [Switch~ Ensemble] in 2019.


February 17, 2020
[Switch~ Ensemble]
Gusman Concert Hall
University of Miami
Coral Gables, FL