What’s It Worth To You?

What’s It Worth To You?

Flute/Alto Flute
Clarinet/Bass Clarinet
Soprano/Alto Saxophone

Duration: 8:00

Program Notes: 

The inspiration for What’s It Worth To You? was an orange $1.05 price tag, calculated by the March for Our Lives movement following the Parkland massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Symbolizing the value of each Florida student’s life, the price tag results from dividing the National Rifle Association’s direct donations to “worst offender” Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s campaign by the total number of public and private school students in Florida. These downloadable price tags were worn by students at the March for Our Lives in Washington D.C. on March 24, 2018, a protest demanding gun control legislation to address the gun violence epidemic. Similar price tags were created for all 50 states, and I calculated additional prices for adult lives in all states in a similar manner. What’s It Worth To You? assigns these prices to frequencies, to generate all of the pitches in the work. By reinterpreting the object musically, I hope to amplify its message even more powerfully.

What’s It Worth To You? was written for Bent Frequency.

March 15, 2019
Bent Frequency ensemble
“Ties That Stay On It”
AMPLIFY! Concert Series
Kopleff Recital Hall
Atlanta, GA