Soliloquy for Clarinet

Ensemble: Clarinet Solo
Duration: 7:00




“More conventional in conception but equally welcome … Dorothy Hindman’s attractive Soliloquy for Clarinet, played by Lori Neprud-Ardovino…”
~Nancy Raabe, “Concert enables listeners to hear new world of sound,” The Birmingham News, Tuesday, March 11, 1997

Program Notes:

Soliloquy for Clarinet (1991, rev. 1993) is one in a series of solo pieces by the composer modeled formally upon the dramatic soliloquy. These works employ ideas which recur throughout the piece as though in conflict, sometimes resolving at the close, and other times remaining unresolved, suggesting a continuing drama. The Soliloquy for Clarinet explores a main idea, which is treated to continuous development, by turns lyrical, then angular. Secondary ideas interplay with the first, until a truncated restatement of the original idea brings closure to the conflict.

Premiere: Robyn Deal, clarinet
Uncommon Practice Ensemble
Subtropics IV Florida Showcase, Miami, FL
April 1992
Commissioner: Uncommon Practice Ensemble