Urban Myths

Urban Myths

For Youth Orchestra
I.  The Babysitter
II.  Roswell
III.  The Hook
Duration: 15:00 total

Score and Parts available from the composer

Program Notes:

The Greeks and Romans knew their mythology, and we know ours.  By the time we’re in the fourth grade, most of us have heard these mythic tales and know the characters well.

The Babysitter: A teenager alone, late at night, with two children upstairs asleep.  A prank caller that won’t quit.  The call is traced…it’s coming from inside the house!

Roswell: Did an alien spaceship really crash in the Arizona desert in the 1950’s?  Depends on who you believe.

The Hook: Beware of escaped criminals who like to haunt lover’s lane.

November 14, 2010
Etowah Youth Symphony Orchestra
Wallace Hall
Gadsden, AL