Ensemble: fixed digital media
Duration: 1:00 minute

Program Notes:

Bathtime is the second musique concrete work in a documentary series based on source material recorded during typical family rituals, in this case bathtime for two young boys.  81 separate sonic events, each two seconds long, were chosen from the source recording.  These were combined and processed using Adobe Audition to create a stereo file that moves from aggressive chaos to a zen-like contemplation of meaning, reflecting the soothing, cathartic qualities of the bath.

Bathtime was composed and realized at the Birmingham-Southern College Electronic Studios in June, 2007.

Premiere: October 9, 2007
60×60 Midwest Mix
Kentucky New Music Festival
Lexington, KY

Recordings: 60×60 (2006-2007), Vox Novus (796873087025)