three small gestures

three small gestures

Violin and Guitar
Duration: 9:30



“three small gestures, for guitarist and solo violin, is based on everyday gestures such as patting backs, shaking hands or eye contact. The accompanying musical gestures are subtle but quite gripping.”
~Michael Wilkinson, “Dorothy HINDMAN (b. 1966), Tightly Wound: Music for Strings,” MusicWeb International

“Dorothy Hindman approached the edge of possibilities for [violin and guitar] with bleeps, spurts and slides in three small gestures.”
~Michael Huebner, “Duo airs new music from the soulful to the abstract,” The Birmingham News, February 13, 2007

Program Notes:

three small gestures (2006) is loosely based on common physical contact gestures encountered in everyday social interactions, such as shaking hands, patting backs, making eye contact.  It is also an exploration of the potential depth or shallowness, meaning or meaninglessness of such casual interactions, as in for example, exchanges between strangers or between a married couple.  The relatively small musical gestures that drive this work include: enveloping and shaking figures such as repeated notes, tremolos, trills, encircled pitch areas and timbral blurring; pizzicati and percussive or patting effects; and finally unisons of various types.  three small gestures was written for Duo 46 at the American Academy in Rome and in Birmingham, Alabama in the summer/fall of 2006.

Premiere: February 12, 2007
Birmingham Art Music Alliance concert
Birmingham-Southern College’s Hill Recital Hall, Birmingham, AL

Recordings: Tightly Wound: Music for Strings, innova 965