Flute Ensemble (10)
2 picc, flute solo, 4 C flutes, 2 alto, 1 bass
Duration: 8:00

Mechanisms is a concertante for flute choir, demanding great precision from each member of the ensemble.  Each part contributes something essential to the whole texture, and each has a starring role at some point.  The soloist’s part is the most demanding, as it not only has to carry the main melody at times; it also must “follow” the melody quite often, coming off the beat as much as on.  The contrapuntal texture of the work is reminiscent of various systems: machines, devices, organisms.  Like a clock, computer or brain, many little things have to go just right for it to work.

Mechanisms was written for and dedicated to Trudy Kane and the Frost Flute Choir in the summer of 2012.

November 12, 2012
Frost Flute Ensemble
Trudy Kane soloist and directo
Clarke Recital Hall
University of Miami
Frost School of Music
Miami, FL