Heroic Measures

Clarinet, Violin and Piano
Duration: 12 minutes

“Heroic Measures by Dorothy Hindman received its world premiere Wednesday. The score is conceived as an elegy and tribute to individuals who have died from catastrophic illness despite continuing medical treatment. The subject matter is not the favored media tale of people triumphing over a killer disease nor is Hindman’s score sentimental ear candy for the audience — rather, her music is intense and rewarding.

Heroic Measures begins with piercing writing for violin and clarinet against a jagged piano line. After a more agitated section, the music becomes increasingly dark and desolate. At times the violin is played close to the bridge, producing harsh sounds. Short melodic cells and figurations lead to a series of single chords with the clarinetist breathing into the instrument. One final slow breath concludes this emotional journey without any catharsis.

Demanding for performers and audience alike, Hindman’s score is powerful and skillfully conceived. She could not have wished for a more riveting, committed performance, as given by violinist Scott Flavin, clarinetist Donaghue Flavin and pianist Marina Radiushina.”
~Lawrence Budman, “UM Frost faculty members give program a jolt,” The Miami Herald, October 17, 2014

Program Notes:

Heroic Measures (2014)

In our media-driven society, we often hear the stories of those who fight valiantly against potentially fatal illnesses and survive, sometimes miraculously. They are held up, rightfully, as shining examples of what we all should do in the face of such adversity. Many more lose their struggles; we hear fewer of their stories. Heroic Measures is an elegy honoring those who walked the other path, through entropy, fate, or choice. The piece is meant to trace that journey with dignity. The structural imagery underlying the music is that of long breaths: inhalation and exhalation.

October 15, 2015
Pulse Trio
Festival Miami
Gusman Concert Hall
Coral Gables, FL
Commissioner: Pulse Trio

Recordings: Tightly Wound: Music for Strings, innova 965