Chamber Orchestra
1110 – 1100 -Vibes -Piano – 2Vl Vla Vcl DB
Duration: 8:30

“Underpinned by piano and vibraphone, Hindman’s 1993 Chemistry is tightly woven with a gentle flow of motives and ideas, rather like molecules in solution. Fuller gave it graceful pacing, allowing its contrasting colors – strings, winds, brass and percussion – to emerge clearly.”
~Mary Ellyn Hutton, “ARC Ensemble at Rosenthal Center,” The Cincinnati Post, November 21, 2003

“Dorothy Hindman’s lush, broadly scaled Chemistry reveled in long lines, subtly changing colors and exquisite chordal sonorities.”
~Nancy Raabe, “ASO Proves symphonic music is alive, lots of fun,” The Birmingham News, Oct. 10, 1997

Program Notes:
Chemistry (1993) is a work which requires both textural and traditional melodic techniques.  Performers must maintain independence in performance, entrances are often staggered, and colors change rapidly.  The overall effect of the ensemble is that of melodic fragments  which launch varied sustains and releases.  For the composer, this music is similar to a kaleidoscope, or dropping a handful of pebbles into water to create various ripples which fade in ever-changing ways, or to the overwhelming rush of adrenaline felt at the spontaneous memory of a new sprung love.

Premiere: March 1994
Levico Conservatorio/UM Exchange
Miami, FL
European Premiere: June 1994
Levico Conservatorio
Trento and Levico Terme, Italy
Commissioners: University of Miami School of Music
and Levico Terme Conservatorio, Italy