Untitled IV

Duration: 14 minutes

Untitled IV was inspired by three objects from the Lowe Art Museum’s collection: a Peruvian double flute, a Nigerian/Hausa molo (lute) missing its third string, and the massive, unfinished painting Jason Returning to Demand His Father’s Kingdom, 1807-1808 by Washington Allston, where the main figures are still just chalk outlines.  In Untitled IV, the flutist is often called upon to produce two pitches at the same time, and the guitarist is often constrained to gestures on one or two strings.  Silences provide moments of expectation, gaps in which the audience may hear a missing musical gesture in their minds.

Untitled IV was written in 2020-21 for Duo Sequenza, made possible by a CREATE grant from the Mellon Foundation.


April 14, 2021
Duo Sequenza
Composing the Collection
Lowe Art Museum
University of Miami
Coral Gables, FL