10 piece Saxophone Ensemble:
Sopranino, 2 Sop, 2 Alto, 2 Ten, 2 Bar, Bass
7 piece Saxophone Ensemble:
Sop, 2 Alto, 2 Ten, Bar, Bass

Duration: 6:00 minutes


Cascade (2012)
Ivy.  Ocho Rios.  Bouganvillea.  The summer deluge.  Memories.  Riffs on a saxophone.  Money through fingers.  Anything that falls with abandon.  Written in 2012 for Dale Underwood and the Frost Saxophone Ensemble.

Premiere: April 11, 2012
Frost Saxophone Ensemble
Clarke Recital Hall
University of Miami Frost School of Music
Miami, FL

Published by: dorn/Needham and available on Amazon