1000 Swimmers in the Canals for 2 electric guitars, keyboard, and live processing, 2013

Sound | Water for cello and soundfile, 2011

The Wall Calls to Me for soundfile (mp3) and 8 channels, for visual art installation by Sally Johnson, 10:00 running continuously, 2010

Fantasia for Karen Alone for violin and soundfile 2010

Multiverses for marimba solo with Max/MSP or marimba quartet, 8:00, 2009

Bathtime for soundfile, 1:00, 2007

Italian Dreams for soundfile (mp3), for video installation by Carrie Mae Weems, 8:00, 2006

Seconds for soundfile (5.0 surround, stereo versions), 1:00, 2005

Tonal Music for cell phone ensemble, 10:00, 2004

Electronic score and effects for the Carbonell award-winning play PAPA, premiering Oct. 1987, Colony Theatre, Miami.  Reworked for run in Key West, April 1990, Jan McArt’s Cabaret Theatre.