Upcoming Performances

To Spill Oneself Away for piano solo performed by Matthew McCright on the “Concert Among Friends” with McCright and Gloria Cheng. Oct. 8, 2022, 7:30 pm at the Dresher Ensemble Studio, Oakland, CA. .

Untitled VI for saxophone, percussion and piano performed by the Campground Musicians: Katherine Weintraub, Kevin von Kampen and Eunmi Ko, on “PROJECT 굿GŪT” Concert Hall, October7, 2022 at the University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

IMPACT: Dorothy Hindman airs on October 13, 2022, presented by Composers Now. Each installment in this series offers a composer the opportunity to reflect on one’s creativity, influences, pathways, and responsibility as a living artist in our ever-changing world. Designed for the virtual space, every session shares a composer’s essential thoughts directly with you, the audience, in the safety and comfort of your own place.

Untitled I for flute, violin, percussion and piano performed by members of the New World Symphony and The Cleveland Orchestra on the New World Symphony’s Chamber Music: Weiss Plays Mozart side-by-side concert at 2:00pm, Sunday November 6, 2022, New World Center, Michael Tilson Thomas Performance Hall, Miami Beach, FL